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Thijmen van Varik

About Me

I am Thijmen van Varik, an 18 years old PC geek. I love coding, whether it is games, webpages or hacking into other computer systems. I have build my portfolio as a webpage, since the Internet is easy to access for everybody with a decent phone, tablet or PC. My goal is to create new games based on old ideas (E.G.: PONGII) and webpages which are easy to use for everyone. I am willing to learn new codes, and since I am browsing the web each and every day, I learn more day by day. Take a look around and send me your love!

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Abouy My Games

Since I love playing videogames (since 2012), I have always wondered how these games were made. I have watched various tutorials on how to build games all by myself, however, I got confused. Everybody seemed to do everything different (of course the base codes were similar to each other), and that is what makes building games so much fun. Follow your imagination, because everything is possible. (You can find all the games I have made so far here)

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About My Webdesign

When I was was about 15-16 years old, I started growing an interest in building webpages, mainly because my nephew was already a "pro" at that time (he has become even better now). My main focus was to build webpages that were easy to access, did not contain a lot of content and could be used by anyone interested in the regarding subject. When I look back at that time, when I created the most simple codes in just pure HTML (HTML 4.01 to be specific), I believe that the best feeling I ever had was the feeling of success. And yet still, if you believe in what you are doing, you can succeed at anything.


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